Turkish – Ni

Click to download the lesson : ders kitabi A1.pdf Giyecekler.pdf Var.pdf

French – Level 2 (N2)

Click to download the lesson : Niveau N2 Français – Dossier 6 Leçon 1. HAMMOUNI Nasreddine.pdf

English – Medical

Click to download the lesson : part 2 reading comprehension.pptx Coronavirus-reading-comprehension.pdf Infectious-diseases-Parts-of-Speech.pdf  

English – level 1 (N1)

Click to download the lesson : Listening N1.pdf list-of-irregular-verbs.pdf Module 3 – N1.pdf

German – Level (Ni)

Click to download Lessons : 1 Zahlen, Woche 2 Farben 3 Uhrzeit, Übung 4 Maße und Gewichte 5 Typisch!  

Coronavirus: Information for CEIL UHBC students

Dear students, The language centre of Hassiba Ben Bouali University offers courses on different foreign languages and focuses the teaching on communication. However, Coronavirus has forced widespread university closures in Algeria and all over the world causing a disruption in our in-person instruction. We never in a million years thought that in the course of...

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